Samurai Karate For Kids

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1.Belt test(Saturdays)
June 29 & July20th

Program at Dojo, Park & online class available

Samurai karate for kids is based on Japanese martial arts in Torrance, South Bay & Los Angeles for 18 years. Your child will build up a strong body as well as a flexible mind through the Karate training, kata and sparring. samurai karate for kids

Pre-school (3-5yrs)

Kids learn social skills through basic karate movements and discipline. They will learn "rules and thank you!"

Kinder & school Karate (6-9 yrs)

Karate techniques and forms called Kata will be taught. Also kids learn respect, focus and independence. Belt test and sparring starts.

Young kids Karate (10-15 yrs)

Advanced karate techniques and Kata will be taught. Advanced belt test and sparring starts.

Private lesson

Your child will learn specific skills leading up to advanced techniques such as basic techniques, kata and sparring.

Annual registration for all age class/$40

●4 time s a month 55 min./ $92

●8 time s a month 55 min./ $132

●Private lesson 30min./ $100

Samurai Uniform/$49

Samurai T-shirt/$20(optional)

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