Samurai Karate For Kids

Doji in Torrance & Franklin Park in Redondo Beach, CA

  Samurai Karate
Dojo:South End Health Club 2700 Skypark Dr. Torrance/ Park:Franklin Park 807 Inglewood Ave, Redondo Beach CA 9027
4:00-4:55pm/ 3-5yrs old
5:00-5:55pm/6-11 yrs old
4:00-4:55pm/ 3-5yrs old
5:00-5:55pm/6-11 yrs old
9:30am /3-5yrs old
10:30am/ 6-11yrs old
11:30am/3-5yrs old

Dojo Location-South End Health Club, 2800 Skypark dr. Torrance CA 90505
5:30-6:25pm/ 3-5yrs old
6:30-7:30pm/6-11 yrs old

6:00-6:55pm/ 3-5yrs old
7:00-7:55pm/6-11 yrs old


Annual registration for all age class/$35

●4 time s a month 55 min./ $85

●8 time s a month 55 min./ $125

●Private lesson 30min./ $100

karate online

Single view from Sensei, We control actual and mirror images for teaching kid.

We teach karate online with single and multiple view. Michi Sensei flips image with right-hand-band and instructs accurate karate techniques to your kids. Our program is built up from the beginner to advanced kids. So take a class for even kids' fitness!

  1. cardio warm up 
  2. basic techniques
  3. kids muscle training with trump cards
  4. combination drill and Kata(karate form)
  5. Kata from basic kata

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